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Todoroki Valley


Todoroki Valley (等々力渓谷) is a wonderful retreat from all the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Not far from Shibuya, it offers lush forests and occasionally luminously blue waters. Not sure why this place isn’t on more tourist maps!

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 1.2km

Time: 30 mins

How to get there

From Shibuya station, take the Tokyu Toyoko to Jiyugaoka station. From here take Tokyu Oimachi Line to Todoroki station (16 minutes, 200 yen).

From Todoroki station, take the south exit, then walk to the right. Take a left turn down the main road and walk a little until you get to Seijo Ishii supermarket. The valley entrance is to the right of the supermarket. Walk down in a southerly direction.