Latest Japan Cherry Blossom forecast 2019

According to the Japan Weather Association forecasts, the cherry blossoms are expected to bloom a bit earlier than usual in 2019. In Tokyo they are expected to open around March 23rd. Be sure to check out our guidebooks for where to go on a budget any time of the year. Remember that the cherry blossoms usually only stay in full bloom for a week or two after full bloom.

Map of recommended times to go

City forecasts

Tokyo and Kanto

CityFirst bloomFull bloom
Tokyo 23rd March30th March
Yokohama24th March1st April

Osaka, Kyoto and Kansai

CityFirst bloomFull bloom
Osaka26th March2nd April
Kyoto 25th March 2nd April
Kobe 27th March 5th April
Nara 26th March 2nd April
Wakayama (Koyasan)23rd March1st April

Japanese Alps and central Honshu

CityFirst bloomFull bloom
Nagano8th April13th April
Nagoya 23rd March 1st April
Gifu 24th March 1st April
Kanazawa1st April 6th April


CityFirst bloomFull bloom
Fukuoka19th March30th March
Kumamoto21st March31st March
Nagasaki23th March1st April
Beppu23th March4th April
Miyasaki23th March 1st April
Kagoshima26th March 4th April


CityFirst bloomFull bloom
Tottori26th March2nd April
Matsue27th March3rd April
Okayama25th March1st April
Hiroshima23th March1st April


CityFirst bloomFull bloom
Sapporo30th April4th May
Hakodate27th April2nd May
Asahikawa4th May6th May
Kushiro2nd May4th May
Abashiri9th May11th May


CityFirst bloomFull bloom
Akita17th April22nd April
Sendai10th April14th April
Yamagata14th April18th April


CityFirst bloomFull bloom
Takamatsu26th March3rd April
Tokushima27th March4th April
Matsuyama22nd March1st April
Kochi19th March28th March


CityFirst bloomFull bloom
Naha10th JanuaryAlready finished
Miyokojima7th JanuaryAlready finished
Ishigakijima16th JanuaryAlready finished

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