Ise Grand Shrine – Day 2

On the second day of our visit to Ise, we visited the Ise Grand Shrine. It has a similar style to the other shrine in Ise, with simple, plain wood structures and set in a little forest style setting.  Day 1 Travel Report here.


The shopping street outside the shrine is pretty crazy on New Year’s!ise_udon_noodlesIse Miso Udon – a famous noodle bowl in Ise.  Make sure you try in at one of the many restaurants in town.


Heading into the Grand Shrine of Ise.ise_grand_shrine2ise_grand_shrine_garden

There are lots of little gardens and woods around, so you don’t really get ‘shrined out’.


Much of the shrine complex is new, so it’s a refreshing change from most other shrines and temples.ise_grand_shrine4

People throwing money into the stream, wishing for good luck in the new year.ise_grand_shrine5

Even in Ise, there are some quiet areas if you walk around.ise_grand_shrine6

 One of the shrine buildings, where you can buy good luck charms.

ise_grand_shrine7The main shrine.  The queue is rather long to pray, so we went around the right side to just have a look.

Ise is not far from places like Nagoya or Nara.  Our budget travel guide can be found here.

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