Hamburg steak


No, that’s not a spelling mistake! In Japan ‘Hamburg’ means a burger pattie served on a hotplate. Alongside the pattie is a selection of vegetables, and this is often served in a discounted set with rice and miso soup. There are all sorts, from Hamburgs with cheese inside to gravy sauce.

Price: From 600 yen (about $6)

Name in Japanese: Hanbaagu/ハンバーグ

Where can I get it?

One of the best places is Yayoiken (やよい軒), as they offer all-you-can-eat rice and Japanese tea with set meals. They have restaurants in all the major cities and towns, so ask your hotel for the nearest or . Here is what they look like:


You can also get Hamburgs from Matsuya, the McDonalds of Japan. They are everywhere:


You can also find cheap Hamburg restaurants in most towns, and as usual there will be pics outside. Bento shops also do Hamburgs.