Announcing Taiwanna Travel

Are you also planning to visit Taiwan on your travels? It’s an amazing place, with fascinating culture and delicious food like in Japan, but most importantly it’s much cheaper! I’ve just launched my new site, called Taiwanna Travel. It’s full of super useful guides for the best places in Taiwan. Check out this new TaiwanContinue reading “Announcing Taiwanna Travel”

Trying out the Japan Wireless wifi box

Recently Japan Wireless got in touch with me, and wondered if I’d like to try out their popular wifi box. Always looking for a deal, I thought I’d give it a go! I have always been a sceptic of these devices, worried that they might be unnecessary and expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised withContinue reading “Trying out the Japan Wireless wifi box”

Super Cheap New Zealand out now on Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Google Play

Merry Christmas everybody! Now that my exclusivity period is over on Amazon, I’m happy to announce that Super Cheap New Zealand is now available on all the ebook platforms! Whether you use Google Play or Kobo, iTunes or a Nook, you can find Super Cheap New Zealand 😀 Please use the links below to getContinue reading “Super Cheap New Zealand out now on Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Google Play”

Enjoy a super cheap trip to Honshu this winter

Guest post by John Blagys ( Japan is a powder paradise and while the resorts in Hokkaido may have caught the world’s eye, you don’t have to leave Honshu to chase your powder dreams. Here are 4 resorts that you can visit on the Super Cheap and all easily accessible from Tokyo. The Hakuba Valley,Continue reading “Enjoy a super cheap trip to Honshu this winter”

Super Cheap New Zealand is out now!

After months and months of writing, editing and getting it out to the bookstores, my latest book, Super Cheap New Zealand, is finally out! It’s the ultimate companion for a budget holiday in Middle Earth. It’s my fourth book, and I hope it continues my success as a self-published author. It’s challenging doing it allContinue reading “Super Cheap New Zealand is out now!”

Japan Autumn leaves forecast for 2019

Autumn is one of the best times to come to Japan. Unlike the week or two that each area has cherry blossoms in full bloom, the autumn leaves stay bright for longer. It makes traveling much easier as you don’t have to worry too much about leaves changing sooner or later if the weather makesContinue reading “Japan Autumn leaves forecast for 2019”

Sneak peak of the new Super Cheap New Zealand paperback

Interested in my upcoming Super Cheap New Zealand guidebook? Well here is a sneak peak 😀 It’s going to be out soon, on September 25th. What do you think? Please let me know on Facebook or Twitter! The book is available to order now:

Announcing Super Cheap New Zealand!

Delighted to announce that my New Zealand travel guide, Super Cheap New Zealand, is set for release on September 25th! What do you think of the cover? Please let me know on Facebook! It’s been an incredible ride making it, but I’m so happy with the result. Like my best-selling Japan book, it’ll be aContinue reading “Announcing Super Cheap New Zealand!”

Japan Australia reviews Super Cheap Hokkaido

Another review is in for Super Cheap Hokkaido! This time John at well-known blog Japan Australia has written a review of the book. Please have a read and share with your friends 🙂 I currently have a few deals on for my Japan guidebooks, so please have a look at my guidebooks page to seeContinue reading “Japan Australia reviews Super Cheap Hokkaido”

Another review out for Super Cheap Hokkaido!

Ann, a well-known social media influencer over at Petite Diaries, has just posted her review of my new book, Super Cheap Hokkaido. It’s always amazing when people like Ann take the time to review a book of yours, so it made my day to see it! Please check out Ann’s review here and help outContinue reading “Another review out for Super Cheap Hokkaido!”

Super Cheap Japan featured again on YouTube!

So happy to see that good friend Ernest Keung has featured me in his latest video. He interviewed me about my books, plus we chatted about ways to travel in Japan on the cheap. It was lots of fun talking about Super Cheap Hokkaido and my other guidebooks, as well as bickering over our favoriteContinue reading “Super Cheap Japan featured again on YouTube!”

Exploring Hakodate on the cheap with a tram pass

In preparation for the release of my new book, Super Cheap Hokkaido, I went to Hakodate to see what all the fuss was about! Located to the south of Hokkaido, it’s a port town well known for its foreign influences, fish market and easy-to-use tram system. With a one-day tram pass only costing 600 yen,Continue reading “Exploring Hakodate on the cheap with a tram pass”