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Me being interviewed on national television!
Being interviewed on NHK Television!

Hi, my name’s Matt (マット in Japanese, or Matty in Kiwi!). I have traveled to Japan and New Zealand on countless occasions, but I’m originally from England. I made this site to share lots of useful information about Japan, New Zealand and hopefully more countries in the future. Having lived and traveled all over the world, with not much money in my pocket, I know the best tricks. Writing about travel is my passion. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads for my latest finds!

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My mission

To be the ultimate destination for low-cost travel. I want budget travellers from across the world to use my books and blog, so they can have a chance to enjoy these amazing tourist spots on the cheap. Super Cheap Guides will focus on getting the most out of these wonderful countries, whether you are a backpacker, budget traveler, worker or student.

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Spring Into Snow on Japan National Tourism Organization's website

I also write for some awesome publications and websites

I have written many travel guides for Japan Visitor, one of the most popular Japan travel websites. In addition, I have written for the Japan National Tourist Association’s ‘Spring into Snow’ website, Japan Australia, A Geek in Japan’s blog and Zooming Japan. See some of my work here.

If you would like me to write for your publication or website, please contact me here.

Get a customised holiday plan from a Japan expert

I can also make customised travel plans for groups, using my vast experience of traveling in Tokyo and around Japan. Please check out my profile at tripUniq to find out more!

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